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Hello! My name is Rik Herrmann and I welcome you to my website. This site is primarily a venue to display my oil paintings, but the goal is also to entertain and create discussion about artwork in general. At any point, you can email, text or call me with questions and interest.  RikHerrmann@yahoo.com or 260-1292 (area code 423). Feel free to post a comment out here as well!

Big fan of Vincent Van Gogh. At the time of the birth of this website, I recently completed four replica portraits of Vincent. This is a photo of the first three in my studio, sometime around June or July 2017.

Salvador Dali also plays prominently into my work, and even though I’ve studied his work for 20 plus years, there are still little details or twists or hidden images that emerge upon returning to some of his masterpieces. Every now and then, there will be an Easter egg or two hidden in my work as well (albeit way, way less interesting than what he did, of course).

I was very encouraged to pursue artistic endeavors by the awesome professors at Lincoln Memorial University, and was able to scratch out enough credits to earn an art minor before graduating. Even if it was a lie, the confidence they instilled through that experience made me believe that creative accomplishments were in my future.

Thank you for your interest and I hope you enjoy the website!